Friday, June 01, 2007

Grif-fans Unite!

I meant to post this a while ago, but forgot until now. My buddy Matt (did I just say 'my buddy'? weird...) over at posted a nice little blurb about Dan Griffin last week as his choice for "best song of all time... this week". I believe that I am one of the Grif-fans to which he refers. You should be too. Thanks, Matt for 'letting' me steal another stellar blog post. What can I say, you're a better descriptive writer than I. Oh, and you'd better heed Matt's advice and 'listen alot'. You don't want him to come over to your house and punch you in the nose, do you? Because he might.

Matt’s Pick

Two really good friends of mine have been pushing Dan Griffin on me for a few months now. They bring him up in most conversations we have, and when the conversation goes silent they usually start humming his songs. It’s not a passing fancy either, these cats are pretty fixated with this guy…Grif-fans I call them….maybe I just made that up, either way. Dan is from Hamilton, ON and recently released his debut EP Stars and Satellites. It’s an incredibly accomplished brand of hushed alt-country. Out of the album’s eight tracks it’s hard to settle on one that stands above the rest, but “East Coast” is doing it for me right now. Listen alot.

MP3: Dan Griffin - East Coast

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