Friday, February 26, 2010

Clarence Carter - Strokin'

so we're out at Tribeca last friday and the DJ puts on a Clarence Carter jam called 'strokin'', which is a hilarious song that my friends and i used to listen to in high school as we drove around aimlessly in curt's old... some type of car (a standard that he learned how to drive after he acquired it), anyway, the song comes on and i frantically start texting old friends and singing aloud - astonished that only one other person at the table knows of Carter at all.

I sang "i stroke it to the east, i stroke it to the west...'', i sang "i'm strokin'!", i was happy to flash back to those high school days, and kind of proud that i and only 2 other people in the entire place knew of this gem... but what i DIDN'T know, and what i just right this minute discovered, is that THERE IS A FREAKIN' VIDEO! oh my god. I hate to date myself, but when we were in high school (ok it was the late 90s) there was no such thing as youtube. and after high school, until last friday, i never really thought much about Clarence Carter... but it's all back on now... Jesse! Jen! Sal! Curt! Lou! Jor! there's a video!

to everyone else... behold: